Jane the 2nd is in the post on the way to her new home.

 The workshop.
 New threads...Ooh la la.

For my Brother, this one's name is Bruncentagen in honour of my Brotown. He is a little less feminine, but still hot to trot!

Mary, now has a charger case to match.

ipad case- Betty. 

13 inch macbook case named Bloom: made from second hand bed linen, padded with bamboo wadding.

This one's name is Jane she is a 13 inch macbook case that also has  a charger case to match! Made from second hand sheets.

13 inch macbook case- Mary. Mary was once a skirt.

13 inch macbook case, this fabric was once a scarf- Shirley.

Robert ipad case: the front was once a scarf, the back was an old denim skirt.